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Buy Sebastian Hair Products !!TOP!!

I fully admit that I'm not so good at taking care of my hair, but luckily for me, my hair isn't super high-maintenance anyway. I have stick-straight hair that's on the finer side, and lots of it. I don't have too much natural volume and if I could have my way, my hair would be thicker, wavier, and full of texture.

buy sebastian hair products

I was sent this hair care set from Sebastian Professional by Influenster. I received the Reset Shampoo, the Preset Conditioner and the Shaper iD hairspray. This will be a bit of a long review since I have three items to review:

I don't know what I was expecting with this shampoo. I normally use Tresemme shampoos, just because they tend to be easy to find and I've found it works fine. I've never seen or used a clear transparent shampoo like the Sebastian Reset shampoo so that was interesting! Unfortunately, the amount that I normally use is not enough to get a strong lather going. Maybe that's just the way it's supposed to be, but I like getting more bang for my buck so I was surprised to see how much more shampoo I had to use, just to feel like my whole scalp and hair roots were thoroughly washed. That said, holy volume, I almost couldn't brush my hair through because of how thick it made my hair. I used it about three times in a week and that was a mistake. I wanted thicker hair and BOY did this shampoo deliver! I received the bottle in the 8.45 oz. size which costs $16.50 at Ulta and while it's more expensive than the Tresemme shampoos I'm used to buying, this is a great shampoo to use maybe once or twice a week to get the thickness in my hair so I do think it's worth it! 4/5

Like the shampoo, I didn't know what to expect with this conditioner and I was pleasantly surprised to see changes in my hair. Along with the shampoo, this conditioner not only thickens and volumizes, but I get a great smooth texture with this conditioner that makes my hair look shiny but not greasy! I swear, every time I use this conditioner, I get so much texture in my hair that when I use my curling iron to style my hair, I feel like it holds my curls better - to the point where I really have to brush it out almost immediately afterwards otherwise the curl would be too tight! Similar to the shampoo, the Sebastian Preset Conditioner is a clear and transparent texture. It's moisturizing and has a nice smell to it. I received the 8.45 oz bottle and it costs $17.50 and I can say with confidence that I would definitely repurchase this because it has done wonders for my hair 5/5

My go-to hairspray is my Big Sexy Hair spray, but I think I may have to replace it with this Sebastian Professional Shaper iD hairspray! It claimed to stand up to humidity and I put it to the test on a particularly hot day here in DC when we were at 94 degrees Fahrenheit with 82% humidity(!). After washing and conditioning my hair with the shampoo and conditioner from the system, I curled my locks with a one inch curling iron and locked it in with this hairspray and walked outside. I left my home at around 10:30 am, wandered about all day and came home at around 4 in the afternoon. My curls were still intact!! Normally, my hair would have gone straight and lost their curls, even with hairspray, but not with the Shaper iD! It was a bit looser than the fresh curls from the morning but not by much. 5/5 would recommend!

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray is one of our most popular hair sprays! It is a touchable strong holding and long lasting hairspray that not only delivers amazing style and hold to your hairdo but it also does not cause your hair to clump or have that greasy wet and oily look. Sebastian Pro Shaper Hairspray has a unique resin system created by Sebastian that provides you with 24 hour control for your hairstyle that is never stiff or sticky and holds up in high humidity and helps to control frizz.Sebastian Pro Shaper Hairspray is an amazing hairspray that can be used while blow drying hair before you dry your hair and after you have finished drying your hair so that you can reinforce your style and hold all day long and use the spray when you feel most comfortable and are used to styling. You can buy Sebastian Pro Shaper Hairspray on sale here at Haircare Discounters and save compared to over priced Salon and Retail prices. Order your Sebastian Pro Shaper Hairspray and start enjoying movable hold that lasts all day.

The original Shaper hairspray set the standard by which hairsprays are measured. This lightweight, brushable hairspray offers you the flexible control to create the unique look you need for any setting. Every touchable, movable style you create with Shaper is another chance to shape your world.

Sebastian Shaper Plus Hair Spray is a strong hold, humidity proof spray that leaves your hair with brushable body. It protects your hair in any weather, without leaving a sticky coating. It gives an extreme hold and shine that lasts all day. Shaper Plus Hair Spray contains sun screening properties to protect hair. Shaper Plus Hair Spray is for all hair types. It's also available in a travel size to take with you on your next trip.

Firstly, when it comes to this collection, it is the scent that got me and one that I would easily wear as a fragrance! It's a mixture of sandalwood and some other musky scents that lean a bit more Fall and perhaps even a little masculine, but all in this incredibly luxe way. I feel like I am using something super fancy and expensive when I smell these products! The shampoo and conditioner contain a blend of argan and jojoba oils suitable for all hair types and promises to leave hair 3x smoother and shinier than before. It also claims to add natural body without weighing hair down. I can say that using this duo has proven these claims to be totally true! I mean, in all seriousness I thought a collection with the phrase "Dark Oil" was going to be heavy. Even the scent is heavy and when I first rinsed off the shampoo, my hair didn't really feel that smooth. In fact, it still felt tangly. Once I applied conditioner, THAT'S when my hair started to feel smoother and when I finally blow-dried and styled it, I had the right amount of volume at my roots and the lengths of my hair felt so sleek!

Every product in the Sebastian Professional reservoir is laced with passion, skill and know-how. The expert team dictate trends with striking designs, most notably their hair colour range which is the standout production line among a stream of top-notch hair care products.

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