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Patrician III: Rise Of The Hanse Free LINK Game Down...

For those of us who haven't played its predecessor, Patrician III is a game where you take on the role of one of the late middle age's trade Patricians. Your goal is to build a strong trade empire and dominate the Hanseatic League (or the Hansa) which is a trade union consisting of the many free Baltic cities. Your final goal is to be elected the leader (Alderman) of the league, handle its foreign relations and directing its defense against marauding pirate fleets or jealous renaissance princes. Reaching this position involves gradually maneuvering from the position of a simple trader to a rich patrician. Procuring a large merchant fleet, setting up trade routes and acquiring more and more responsibility along the way. Of course, the acquiring of wealth can be achieved in more than one way, if you wish it's possible to prey on other people's wealth and build up a mighty pirate fleet rather than a trade empire. This path is not very likely to earn you the respect of the Hanseatic cities however.

Patrician III: Rise of the Hanse Free Game Down...




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