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Emmanuel Sitnikov

Europa Universalis 4 1.24 Patch Download

Some of our users are currently seeing a warning message when they try to download one of the patches added in the last 10 days: Sorry, no download servers available at the moment!We are aware of the problem and are confident to have everything back in working order in about 1-2 days.Macintosh updates

Europa Universalis 4 1.24 Patch Download

Download File:

  • added Assassin's Creed 2 US patch 1.01 [16MB] (Changelist and Downloads)

  • added Cities XL patch [314MB] (Changelist and Downloads)

  • added War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition patch 1.01.02a [92MB] (Changelist and Downloads)

  • added Spectromancer patch 1.1 [23MB] (Changelist and Downloads)

  • added Borderlands german patch 1.3.0 for Direct2Drive digital download edition [167MB] (Changelist and Downloads)

  • added With Fire & Sword russian CD/DVD patch 1.015.01 [84MB] (Changelist and Downloads)

  • added King Arthur - The Role-Playing Wargame russian patch 1.04 [14MB] (Changelist and Downloads)

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