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Emmanuel Sitnikov
Emmanuel Sitnikov

LINK Download Masacre Nocturna

This page is now LIVE at our new home: We're Moving!! As of January 2023, I will no longer have access to maintain/update my "terpconnect" websites. I'm not sure how long they'll remain up. I will be re-creating most of my pages elsewhere (probably ) but it may take a while. If you want to be notified of the new URLs, drop me a line at (note: I will only be using this email for website updates so I won't be monitoring it much) Thank you for being with us for nearly 30 years!Please download any issues you wish to retain, links may be removed without (much) notice.Click here for the Halloween 2022 issues:Contents: MARIO ALMADA SCI-FI: Fuerza maldita, El regreso de la bestia/Asgrael: la bestia, Guardianes de la dimensión prohibida, Mientras la ciudad duerme, Zona invadida; ROGER CUDNEY CINEMA: Ghost Fever, The Wailer II, Guardián de las ánimas (Soul Walker); MUCHA LUCHA--EL SANTO: El puño de la muerte, La furia de los karatecas; BLUE DEMON SCI-FI: Blue Demon contra cerebros infernales, Vuelven los Campeones Justicieros, El triunfo de los Campeones Justicieros; JAGUAR DE COLOMBIA & FRIENDS: Karla vs. los Jaguares, Los Jaguares contra el invasor misterioso; ARMED AND DANGEROUS: Échenme al Gato, El Brazo mortal;GHOSTS, DEMONS AND SUCH: Narda o el verano, La segua, B&eacutesame en la boca, Embrujo de rock, Fuego negro (Dark Forces), El exorcismo de Carmen Far&iacuteas;OBITUARIES:Adriana Roel, Anabel Gutiérrez, Axel Jodorowsky, Burdette Zea, Diego Bertie, Eduardo MacGregor, Fernando del Solar, Henry Silva, Jorge Fons, Karina Castañeda, Lourdes Grobet, Luis Echeverría, Manuel Ojeda, María Montejo, Marta Aura, Meche Carreño, Miguel Gurza, Rosa de Castilla, Susana Dosamantes, Xavier Loyá, Xavier Robles;ARIEL AWARDS 2022

LINK Download Masacre Nocturna



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